whenever I'm wrong

...just tell me the song
& I'll sing it.

As I mentioned in the last entry: I spend the last week in France.
I really liked it there, but I'm too tired to write about it now.
All I gotta say is: I met great people and it was too little time.
Oh, and for the first time ever I got on a plane.
I like flying.
I like France.

J'aimerais returner.

kiss me goodbye

...I'm defying gravity
and you won't bring me down.

Yeah, I know I made mistakes. Get over it. Learn to ignore them.


...took the midnight train
going anywhere.

I'm ill, got a really bad cold, and due to that I spend the last three days... asleep. Yeah, I slept all day long. No, wait... I also watched some glee.
I love that show, even though you always know what's going to happen next. I'd definitely join glee club.
But I feel a little better now, so I decided to update this sweet little blog. :D
Soo... last weekend I painted my surrealistic self-portrait and I promised to upload it, but I won't upload all the stuff at once.

Today you get all the sketches I did (no, actually just the ones that led to the idea I finally used).
Next time I'll either upload the finished painting or the few photos I took... we'll see.

Ich weiß nicht

...was soll es bedeuten?

After more than 10 years ukky can be seen on screen again! Yay for adult ukky! I mean, it's just a few seconds, plus I look & sound like crap, but... come on, who cares?! I love music, I love singing. Nobody ever taught me how to sing (learning by doing, you know?) but it gave me so much strength and energy. Seriously, I'm convinced that singing is healthy.

I didn't like to sing, because I wasn't good at it. I wasn't exactly self-confident, I never seriously tried to sing. I mean, I got good marks, but that was all. One day (the day after my sis' birthday) she made me play SingStar with her. I was pretty good, even though I'd never played it before.
That's how I got into singing. Now I do it almost every day, and I love it. Music, good music, is pure energy.

Can you spot ukky? :D

take me down paradise city
where the grass is green.

Did you know that I got a series of sketchbooks?
On the 15.06.09 I started
ukkys great book of superheroes & other stuff N°1
Some weeks ago I finished number 6. :]
Wanna know what they look like?
Here ya go..!

Number one to six, from right to left.
I hate starting a new sketchbook, 'cause all the pages are just blank and it looks so... clean. There's nothing that tells you something about it's owner.
Old sketchbooks tell a lot, but new ones... duh.
That's why I like these, even though I'm not satisfied with most of the drawings.

I am happy are happy
so let us be happy together.

Just an unfinished Oekaki I originally did as a part of my Christmas-Challenge 2010.
I didn't like it, but now I'm like... what the hell, it's okay.
Could be worse, right?

btw: I really like FMA.