...I'm a young soul
in this very strange world
hoping I could learn a bit
'bout what is true and fake.


Met this cute little cat.... uh, tomcat last week.

I wanna know

...what he knows
I wanna feel what he felt
I wanna go where he's been
I wanna know what he knows
I wanna hear your secrets
I want you.


! ! !

I wanted to draw him looking happy at least once. D:
He deserves happiness!

btw: first sketch in my new sketchbook (N°9)
All the shades of grey are gone - thanks to my scanner.
Don't think I'll ever color this.

The Prince's Tale

Snape N°7
Snape-Week - Oh my, it's over?!

I used to like Voldemort.
He sucks when it comes to killing "the boy who lived", it seems that he enjoys talking to him way too much, yet: I liked him.
Well, until the chapter "The Elder Wand".
That was SO unnecessary!
Why did Severus even go there?
He could have simply stayed in the castle, I mean - it's save and warm there!

Tch. I wanna slap Voldi. I want to hit him in the face.

btw: I started to dislike Lily.
Someone who really hates her made me realize that she tends to get... a little self-centered, so to say.

I focus on the pain

...the only thing that's real.

5th Snape this week
(took a little longer, guess why)

Actually I wanted to create a different GIF, but...
I thought it would make sense to start with something less difficult.
Didn't come out the way I was picturing it, but that's (more or less) normal.

btw: I have NO idea what Snape's wand looks like. D:

and if I had a clue

...I'd know exactly what to do
if I were the wiser of the two
and if I saw it all so clear
I'd write it down and bend your ear
if I were the clearer of the two.

4th Snape!

Kind of screwed up the nose, but I drew it on the train & upside down, so... it's pretty much my own fault.

Yup, I know he doesn't look like Alan Rickman at all.
I think it's funny that 31-year old Severus Snape is portrayed by Mister Rickman (55), while Hagrid's already 63 years old (in "The Philosopher's Stone"), still his role's played by Robbie Coltrane (51). In the movie, they look like they're about the same age, because... well, they are.

I'll take you to the

...candy shop.

Snape número tres

Sorry, I just had to draw this.
btw: I wouldn't eat that if I was Harry.

Finished "The Philosopher's Stone" yesterday, so today I'm gonna start reading "The chamber of Secrets".
Unfortunately I only own copies of the first, the second and the seventh Harry Potter book in English, so I won't be able to read them in a row.
EDIT: Hah! Got copies of the other books when I was in Cambridge!

btw: I hate this song. D:.
The rhythm of the cover-version the Baseballs did is just kinda catchy.

sarcastic mister

...know it all.

day 2

Did you know that one of the elephants Hannibal crossed the Alps with was named Severus?
Poor elephants.

The Potions Master

The fact that I like Snape is an open secret.

After watching all 8 movies in a row I started reading "The Philosophers Stone" again, this time in English.
Reading the chapter "The Potions Master" it hit me: I have to draw Snape.
As there are 7 books, I will draw Snape 7 times, one Snape a day!
One week. 

Mister Alan Rickman did a great job, still...
I was picturing Snape differently.

I already uploaded a sketch as a part of a challenge last December.

you don't know don't know
you don't know
anything 'bout me.

Jonathan Kerman
(rough & incomplete concept)

I won't

...let you close enough to hurt me.

Ich habe ein paar Eigenheiten.

Zum Beispiel:

Wenn mir eine Geschichte (Film oder Buch) grundsätzlich gefällt, bestimmte Bestandteile davon allerdings ganz und gar nicht (z.B. das Ende, eine Vorgeschichte, etc.), dann lasse ich mich davon gar nicht beeindrucken:

Ich schreibe diesen Teil für mich um.

Mir ist es egal, wie eine Geschichte im Original ist, wenn ich doch eine (für mich subjektiv betrachtet) bessere Version habe.
Danke für den Ansatz, lieber Autor bzw. liebe Autoren, aber jetzt bin ich dran!

Wer kann schon etwas dagegen sagen?

Was in meinem Kopf ist gehört mir.