and if I had a clue

...I'd know exactly what to do
if I were the wiser of the two
and if I saw it all so clear
I'd write it down and bend your ear
if I were the clearer of the two.

4th Snape!

Kind of screwed up the nose, but I drew it on the train & upside down, so... it's pretty much my own fault.

Yup, I know he doesn't look like Alan Rickman at all.
I think it's funny that 31-year old Severus Snape is portrayed by Mister Rickman (55), while Hagrid's already 63 years old (in "The Philosopher's Stone"), still his role's played by Robbie Coltrane (51). In the movie, they look like they're about the same age, because... well, they are.

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