that grew down the river

...all bloody and wild.

Today's a very special person's birthday.
So... happy birthday. :]

Another flower from Rome.
I really can't remember where I found it...


...than a daisy.

I don't like buying souvenirs, they're usually ugly and anything but useful stuff that was cheaply produced in Asia. Dislike.
When I was in Cambridge, I painted the postcards I sent to my family. In Rome I got four flowers from different places, I think this one's from the Villa Borghese, Viale dell'Aranciera.

your faith and patience

...will be your soldiers
to guide you through your troubled times.

Spock Spock Spock
Spock Spock Spock
Spock Spock Spock
Mr. Spock.
Der spitzohrige Dr. Sheldon Cooper.

Ja, er glitzert mehr als Edward Diskokugel Cullen.
'Cos he's got the brains '& the looks.
Mein Liebling, obwohl Sulu auch cool ist. :D Und Scotty...!

Ja, ich habe letztens endlich mal Star Trek geguckt.
Und das Ohr ist komisch geworden, Danksagungen und Beschwerden gehen bitte an den Kuli!
Ich sollte mir abgewöhnen, Bilder um 90° gegen den Uhrzeigersinn gedreht zu zeichnen, das wirkt sich eher weniger positiv auf das Ergebnis aus. In der Regel.

Beam me up, Scotty!

Pull yourself together

I am soooo busy.

...and you'll pull through it!

That's an illustration I made for music class.
It's rather rough work, as I'm... well, you know... busy.

My teacher asked me to draw something (not really a poster, just some kind of small illustration) last Wednesday, and I was like "Whoa, how am I supposed to draw a POSTER in 7 days?! I got 8 lessons a day and lots of homework... but sure, I can't say no, I'll try."

Never tried to draw in a Disney-ish style before.

you just gotta

Long time no see, guys.
I spent one week in Rome, and we went there by bus, which was the only bad thing about the entire trip.
No, wait, I also hated not having enough time to explore Rome & Ostia on my own.
Atm I'm really busy & really tired.

...ignite the light
and let it shine.

look way down the river

...and what do you think 
I see?

One of the most inspirational persons I've ever heard of.
A great singer & songwriter who even made the songs he didn't write his own by singing them in his very own expressive & moving way.
One of his songs was the first song ever to make me cry.

Not a great portrait (too lazy to google good reference pictures, I'm way too tired after last week), but my way of paying tribute to someone who inspires me.
Johnny Cash
1932 - 2003

I'll take my words

...and turn them into sounds
it will survive.

Today's my birthday. 
Yay. In 365 days I won't be a teen anymore.
I think I got a lot more mature during the last year.

it's clear you feel

so jump into the fog 
with me.

Percy and the "Ravenclaw girl". 
(Harry Potter & the Chamber of Secrets)