Now I see

The holidays are over. Yay. D:
I like school, though it hasn't always been like that, but it's so much stress, right now.

Finished this cutie yesterday at 11pm - that's when I took this crappy photo (with my cellphone).
I still have to clean it and maybe remove that piece of wire. Better photos will be uploaded asap (ergo in about three months)!

height: 26,5cm

Oh, I used a rough sketch of a statue I saw in Ostia Antica as reference.
That's why the left foot isn't much of a foot.

...that I've been blind.

that's the way

I already wrote this post, but f... blogger crashed.
I'm kind of happy right now. : /
Looks like some internet god doesn't want me to write too much weird stuff.

You might have noticed that I draw these two a lot.
They aren't really my OCs as they're based on already existing fictional characters, but I changed them in so many aspects, they aren't much like the originals anymore.

I already explained how I change stories if I don't like parts of them, right?
I do exactly the same with characters.
That's the way I roll.


...uh-huh uh-huh
I like it!



srsly rough work.   

Don't you hate it when men in comic books are ridiculously muscular?
Or the women with a waist-to-chest ratio that makes you wonder how they defy gravity and stand/move properly?
 I do.

if there is a load have to bear
that you can't carry
I'm right up the road
I'll share your load
if you just call me.