words are more powerful than the letters they're made of

I used to hate it when people tell me that they wanted to read as much as I do, because, even though I've always loved reading, I hardly ever made it to read a book due to my lack of time & addiction to sleep, films & the internet. Now that I finished school and finally got a lot of time on my hands, I start doing things that are good for me, things I love more often, things like reading. So... this week I finally read, well, started to read "The Hunger Games" (in English of course). I read the first book on Wednesday, and after being wrapped up in other things for the last two days, I just finished "Catching Fire" and am about to start "Mockingjay".
Just in case you don't know the plot yet: watch out, dear fella, spoilers ahead!

Thanks to tumblr I knew pretty much the entire story line even before I started reading, which means that I also knew that Rue dies, and I was convinced that there's no way I can get as emotional about "The Hunger Games" as about the "Harry Potter" books. Of course this is true, for "Harry Potter" is a huge part of my childhood that just can't be erased or replaced. Nevertheless I just couldn't help crying when I read about Rue's death. I just couldn't. (I'm very compassionate and absolutely not sorry)
no more SPOILERS from here

It occurred to me that I am not the only one who couldn't help it, that I am merely another person getting emotional about this particular scene, and that this one little thing connects me to so many people, more than I can imagine. It amazes me. It amazes me to think about how many people mourned Rue with me, alongside how many others I have fought the Battle of Hogwarts, accompanied Roland on his journey to the Dark Tower, and fought Vampires alongside Dr. Ephraim Goodweather.
Words can be, if used right, unimaginably powerful. They transport knowledge, wisdom, emotions & ideas. They connect people who will never even know of each other's existence. They take you to a whole  other world, and they make you a part of something.

Daaamn, I have to start drawing again. Maybe I'll upload something rather fashion-y soon...

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